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Welcome to Jenny Homes Counselling - Salisbury to the Jenny Holmes Counselling website. I hope you find my website interesting and helpful. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to get in touch, or you have any queries about counselling or my Talking Therapy services.  I am based in the quiet village of Dinton, near Salisbury, Wiltshire.


COVID-19 Message

To help the NHS I am offering face to face meetings while maintaining social distancing, and sessions via zoom or telephone.  While I always prefer one to one sessions, I appreciate
offering zoom or telephone sessions may be more convenient and flexible for you.


What Is Counselling?

A counsellor will listen attentivelyCounselling is an opportunity to establish a special confidential relationship with an experienced, trained counsellor who will help you to explore the problems or issues that are causing you concern.

It is sometimes far easier to talk to a counsellor than to family and friends about what is troubling you. A counsellor will listen attentively and will not be Judgemental and can often offer a different perspective to those that you are closest to.

This special relationship enables you to offload when you are feeling depressed or isolated, and it can also help you to understand yourself at a deeper level. With this understanding, you can identify any changes that you would like to make.

Counsellors can help you to consider your options, and provide you with support when times are difficult for whatever reason.

There is clear evidence to suggest that counselling can help people to adjust to life events such as bereavement and loss, redundancy, marriage, parenthood/ infertility, divorce, sexuality, retirement, illness, disability and many other issues.

Counselling is a talking therapy and it can be a relief to you to share your burden.

Talking therapies are more likely to work if you feel comfortable and at ease with your counsellor therefore finding the right person for you is as important to you as finding the right type of therapy.

To find out more about talking therapies, please see Department of Health booklet at under the title “Choosing Talking Therapies” You can find details on this website of the local provision for counselling under the NHS which you can self refer to and it is free of charge.

Homely cushioned sofas

All counselling is carried out in safe comfortable surroundings

Feel better about yourself

Feel better about yourself

Counselling Mission statement

  • Talk about the problem
  • Find a resolution
  • Feel better about yourself